Car insurance rate hikes lead to increased honest rates

Massive hikes in car insurance rates have, in an almost bizarre turn of events, led to an increase in honesty rates amongst potential customers, according to the results of one new poll.

In 2010, a survey by one car insurance comparison site discovered that 46 per cent of men and 32 per cent of women had lied to their insurers in a bid to get discount car insurance.  Meanwhile another poll for 2011 found that only 17 per cent of men and 12 per cent of women have done the same thing this year.

Atop the list of dodges is lying about mileage, as 44 per cent of men and nearly 50 per cent of women who had told their car insurance companies that they drive much less than they actually do.  Next up was concerning where the car rests overnight, as 31 per cent of men and nearly 28 per cent of women told their insurance providers that their car was garaged when it was actually parked outside; in related news nearly 12 per cent of men and 23 per cent of women park their car in the street while telling insurers it’s kept in a driveway.

London is the falsehood capital of the UK, as more than 19 per cent of Londoners reported being untruthful.  In comparison, the most honest regions would be the East Midlands, as only three per cent of drivers were found to be untruthful, while Northern Ireland’s trustworthiness saw only 2 per cent of respondents reporting falsifying claims to insurers.

One insurance comparison site spokesperson said that it’s inadvisable to mislead or lie to their insurance providers in an attempt to curb increasing insurance costs.

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