42% of Brits learn from buying online car insurance

According to the recently released research findings of a new survey from one major car insurance comparison website, 42 per cent of motorists in the UK learn from the experience of buying online car insurance.

The comparison site discovered that it seems the best way to do your motor car insurance purchasing is online.  Gocompare.com surveyed 2,030 British motorists and found that 42 per cent reported knowing more about the associated excesses and features of their insurance cover after purchasing them online versus purchasing over the phone or using a broker.

11 per cent of those surveyed also reported only ever buying their car cover in an online environment.  This seems to highlight a growing trend of resorting to the Internet as the first course of action while hunting up the best deals on financial services.

As motorists become more knowledgeable on how to find discount car insurance, fewer are making their decision solely on the cost alone.  The survey said that only 14 per cent reported making their choice on price alone, while the remaining respondents said that differing levels of excesses, features, and cover played a more important role in their decisions.

Lee Griffin, spokesman for Gocompare.com, remarked that it is crucial for motorists to make informed decisions in regards to the cover they need.  Drivers need to base their choices on more than price, he added, expressing pleasure at finding so many UK consumers to be gathering all the facts before deciding on a motor policy.

Insurance experts weighed in on the new data, remarking that consumers need to realise that even though they may find what looks like a good deal today may not remain so in the future.  Read through your renewal notice completely and carefully when it comes time to renew your cover, they say, as things like higher excesses, reduced cover, and increased premiums can easily begin to creep in over time.

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