Drivers more honest, says one online car insurance site

According to research recently conducted by one online car insurance comparison site, motorists are being more honest than they have in the past – even if lying means a chance to get cheaper car insurance.

Research findings released by car insurance comparison website reveal that only 17 per cent of men have stretched the truth in search for discount car insurance in 2011.  In 2010, statistics indicate that at 46 per cent, more than twice that figure lied to get less expensive motor cover.

The number of women who lied to their insurers also fell by more than half.  Only 12 per cent of female motorists misled their insurance providers in 2011, whereas 32 per cent reported doing so the previous year.

In a regional breakdown, the most untruthful region was found to be London with more than 19 per cent not telling the truth to their insurance providers.  Meanwhile the most truthful region was found to be the East Midlands, where only three per cent of drivers were found to be untruthful to their insurers.

It’s most certainly not advisable to lie or even simply mislead your motor insurance providers in an attempt to combat rising insurance costs, despite the temptation to do so, said car insurance website head, Gareth Kloet.   Purposefully misleading your insurer could even lead to the invalidation of any of claims you may make, Mr Kloet additionally cautioned.

Some of the most common falsehoods that appeared in the insurance site’s study included misreporting mileage and the location of the car at night. 28 per cent of women and 31 per cent of men declared their cars to be kept in the garage while it was really parked on the street instead.

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