How to still find discount car insurance, according to experts

While the lack of discount car insurance has become a bigger and bigger problem as of late, some motor car insurance experts have recently come forward to say that there are things that can indeed be done about it.

According to a recent article appearing in the Independent, there are several different things that can be done in the event that a motorist whose new car insurance rate nearly doubles when it comes time for a renewal.  In the article Direct Line pricing and underwriting director, Andy Goldby, explained exactly how insurance premiums are calculated by through as many as 20 differing rating factors.

There are six big ones, according to Mr Goldby, when it comes to determining why your rates have gone up yet again.  Car insurance companies closely examine things like if you have any history of driving convictions, your previous claims history, how much of a no-claims discount you have, your driving experience, your age, and your postcode.

One other insurer, Aviva, made the suggestion that customers buy their policies online.  This comes as no surprise, as the insurance company is currently offering discounted rates to customers who do so – but it did also suggest adding your spouse as a named driver to your policy (which sounds counter-intuitive, but can actually result in getting a discount).

Tesco, another insurance provider, has advised you should keep one eye on your mileage.The spokesperson for the insurance company also said it was advisable to also tell insurers if you keep your car in a garage or if you have a security system.

The article shared may other tips, which included looking at the excess, deciding if you truly need courtesy car cover if you’ve got more than one car, deciding to switch to a lower-performance car, and if you should pay your premium over time in instalments or pay it right up front.

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