Online car insurance quotes growing in popularity, experts say

An increasing number of consumers that are searching for discount car insurance have begun to prefer finding online car insurance quotes rather than over the phone or in person, experts say.

A multi-million pound industry in the UK, motor car insurance has fully embraced the internet as a way to generate more sales and revenue.  Car insurance companies have been offering quotes online rather than in person or on the phone, and a recently conducted consumer survey found that for every 10 consumers, only three of them preferred speaking to someone from a call centre.

Whilst some industry experts may believe that consumers rely on the internet too much, with the busy schedules most Brits keep time is of the essence.  It’s much easier to simply lean back and point and click your way into finding what insurance cover you need for your car.

Thanks to the advent of car insurance comparison websites, searching for the best rates and quotes has become both quick and easy to do so.  The time saved in not having to ring up each company or broker in turn to get a quote is something that not only saves time, but money; insurers need to keep their rates competitive with each other in order to remain in business.

Last year alone it was estimated that more than 37 million motor car insurance price quotes were sought out online.  Additionally, it was also reported that apparently 3 million motorists out of those 37 went forward with actually purchasing their car insurance online.

Insurance experts agree that if you do decide to use a price comparison website, you should do your due diligence.  Experts remark that, while each price comparison site has a large selection of insurers to choose from, differing sites will often have a differing selection of insurance providers.

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