Convertibles grow popular, says discount car insurance provider

According to recently conducted research from one provider of discount car insurance in the UK, convertible cars have grown wildly in popularity over the past ten years.

LV=, one of the largest car insurance companies in the UK,  recently found that throughout the past decade, the number of convertible cars on roads in the UK has increased by 218 per cent.  Likewise the number of convertibles motoring around British roads has gone up by a staggering 599 per cent since 1993.

The current number of convertible cars owned within the UK is just shy of one million. This makes convertibles the fastest growing type of car in the country according to the motor car insurance company.

Convertible drivers in the UK put the roof down an average of 10 days of every month.  During the winter months these hardy souls have been known to drop the hood for three days a month on average as well.

Ten per cent of survey respondents remarked that they purchased the car to impress both their friends and their family.  Almost one third of convertible owners said that they had simply always wanted a convertible.

Nearly one out of every five owners first purchased a convertible over the age of fifty.  More than ten per cent of this particular group said that doing so aided them in recapturing their lost youth.

The boom in the convertible market is partly attributable to how available more affordable models have become..  Models such as the Renault Megane Dynamique VVT and the Peugeot 206 CC Allure feature heavily in lists of the five convertibles most oft insured.

John O’Roarke, managing director for LV= car insurance, remarked that drivers are urged to keep their convertibles safe, as they are likely to be vandalised due to being one of the most desirable types of cars.

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