BIBA welcomes new Continuous Insurance Enforcement

While cash-strapped motorists may grumble and groan about the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation that recently went into effect recently, discount car insurance industry body British Insurance Brokers’ Association has publicly praised the newly passed law.

Continuous Insurance Enforcement, or CIE, is the new regulation requiring all cars in the UK to have at least rudimentary motor car insurance cover, regardless of whether it’s on the road or off.  The first wave of warning letters was recently sent out to any who have a registered car that lacks insurance, cautioning them.

The only exception made to the new offence of keeping an uninsured vehicle is if the vehicle has a Statutory Off Road Notification filed on its behalf, or if it is otherwise exempt.  This does not replace he existing offence of driving an uninsured vehicle, but comes instead as an addition.

Graeme Trudgill, head of corporate affairs for the Association, remarked that roads will now become safer as a result of the new law, as enforcement of it will result in a reduced number of uninsured motorists.  Adding that BIBA was delighted to have had some involvement in this key change to car insurance law, Mr Trudgill also said that the new CIE regulation is a large step forward not just for road safety but for car insurance companies themselves.

Not all motorists in the UK are as happy with CIE as BIBA is, however.  While the new law doesn’t have any affect on drivers with but one car, motorists with vehicles they only use a few weeks out of the year (such as a caravan or motorhome) are understandably upset for having to suddenly pay more in insurance costs.

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