Cheap car insurance for young drivers? Try £2k a year

Motor car insurance experts are both confused and enraged at the average cost to insure a small hatchback for newly qualified drivers, as the idea of ‘discount car insurance for young drivers‘ at £2,000 or more a year is hard to reconcile.

According to one online car insurance comparison site, new drivers can now expect to have to shell out £2,000 or more if they want to secure insurance for a small hatchback.  Just one year ago however cheaper car insurance was much easier to come by, according to recently released statistics.

This time last year, the least expensive premium for a new motorists looking to insure a Ford Ka was slightly less than £900.  However, this same policy purchased today would cost more than double the 2010 price.

The most popular car for new drivers to try to insure is the Fiat 500 Pop.  It recently unseated the Vauxhall Corsa, which was the previous favourite – yet even the cheapest to insure car is still going to run a new motorist in excess of £1,786.

The insurance comparison site’s car insurance head commented on the trouble, stating that it can be a nightmare for young drivers to try to get reasonably-priced motor car insurance.  However the comparison site spokesman remarked that 50 per cent of those aged 25 and younger could save upwards of £500 on their premium payments, simply by using such a site to hunt down the best deals.

Experts say you should always take care to read all of the small print whenever using a comparison site in order to avoid any mistakes on your policy and to ensure you get the cover you’re looking for.

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