Car thefts down 37pc says car insurance comparison site

Recently conducted research by one leading car insurance comparison website has revealed that the number of car thefts in 2010 have declined by 37 per cent since 2006.

One online car insurance specialist website said the amount of stolen cars in 2010 – which numbered 107,000 – has declined by 80 per cent overall over the course of the past 20 years.  This reduction in car thefts can be attributed to the advent of many different security improvements and innovations, according to the discount car insurance website.

The most prevalent new features include built-in tracking; stronger glass and construction materials; better immobilisers, alarms, and locks; and coded car keys.  Many experts feel that this decline in car thefts could pave the way for cheaper car insurance, with the comparison site stating that anything that makes it harder to steal cars is welcome news for both insurers and motorists alike.

However, as personal injury claim awards keep increasing and motor insurers lack underlying profitability, motorists are not likely to experience cheaper insurance pricing.  One price monitor suggests that price inflation in the car insurance industry is nearly running at 30 per cent, leading them to encourage all UK motorists to shop around for their new insurance policies in order to get the best rates.

Drivers need to also be made aware that approximately 80  per cent of car thefts involve the use of motor vehicle keys.  Motorists need to ensure that their car keys are kept in a safe, well guarded location – especially when they’re kept at home.

One out of every five household break-ins involves the theft of car keys, remarked the comparison site.

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