Cheap car insurance provider warns parents to be vigilant

One provider of discount car insurance recently warned that parents need to be more vigilant with their cars, especially with leaving expensive baby equipment out and visible in their cars overnight.

Research conducted by one online car insurance website found that thieves may find cars with baby items in them more attractive than not.  The research study also discovered that 66 per cent of parents admitted to purchasing a £300 pushchair, only to leave it in their car overnight; parents also admitted to leaving travel cots, books, and toys in their cars as well.

53 per cent of Brits also admitted to neglect by not locking their car.  However, only 46 per cent of respondents stated that they felt they weren’t careful enough about leaving things in their vehicles overnight, while 58 per cent of drivers in the UK also admitted to only leaving the objects in their cars overnight in order to avoid having to carry them in to or out of the house when going off on a trip.

One motor car insurance expert responded to the research findings, warning parents that it was important to remember that expensive baby equipment can all too easily end up stolen if someone breaks into your car.  Many parents are experts at adapting to travelling with younger children, the expert added, but also need to keep car security in mind as well.

Thieves can be discouraged from viewing your car as a target, the expert said, by either making sure any equipment left behind is out of sight and locked away, or by simply taking the equipment with you once leaving the car.

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