Bradford motor car insurance customers given short shrift

Bradford motor car insurance customers have been given short shrift from one insurance firm who now refuses to provide them with instant car insurance quotes.

Insurance provider Esure remarked it was spending up to two times what it had been receiving in premium-related income on defending injury claims originating from the BD2 postcode.  This has led the company to cease offering insurance cover to anyone within the area, save existing customers.

With nearly two times the national average for uninsured motorists, the BD2 area is comprised of Bolton, Fagley, Undercliffe, and Eccleshill.  In addition to the BD2 postcode, Esure has also decided to offer new quotes in neighbouring BD3, which has Thornbury, Bradford Moor, and Barkerend.  Thornbury alone exceeds the national uninsured driver average, recently published figures show.

One man who lives in Eccleshill, within the BD2 postcode, was informed by Esure that the firm would not give him a quote because he lived within a statistically dangerous area.

45 year old Richard Summerscales, of Victoria Road, had been a loyal customer of Esure for five years until he had changed providers in 2010.  Mr Summerscales was prompted by his car insurance rates going up significantly and decided to look for greener pastures.

Esure refused to provide the man with a quote, despite the 45 year old man’s spotless driving record.  This incensed the man, as he felt that the five years he spent regularly making insurance premium payments means nothing to the company.

One Esure spokesman responded, saying that the firm has no issue with the quality of the motorists in the BD2 postcode.  Instead the problem lies with the quality of those other people involved in the accident, he said.

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