Govermnent: get discount car insurance for all your vehicles

On the eve of new motoring regulations going into effect, the Government has saw fit to remind drivers in the UK that they now need to get at least discount car insurance on all their vehicles, regardless of whether they are driven or not.

The continuous insurance enforcement law, which goes into effect from 20 June, means that unless a car owner has motor car insurance on cars they own but do not drive, they could be faced hefty fines.  Under the new regulations, which have been controversial since their proposal earlier this year, even call for the seizure and destruction of cars when their owners repeatedly flout the requirements.

Even if your car is kept off road permanently, whether it be parked on a driveway or safely locked up in the garage, it will soon be an offence to not have it insured by one of the myriad car insurance companies in the UK.  Prior to the new law, it was only unlawful to drive an uninsured vehicle – not simply own one.

The change, designed to clamp down on the number of uninsured drivers plaguing the nation’s roadways, will have a significant impact on any car owners who have purchased a new vehicle but have yet to rid themselves of their old one.  Likewise, owners of sports cars who keep their vehicles parked for most of the year will also feel the pinch as well – as will motorhome or caravan owners that only use the vehicles to go on holiday a few weeks out of the year.

There is some recourse for such drivers, however.  If motorists wish to declare their car officially ‘off the road’ they can file a Statutory Off Road Notification with the DVLA, which will exempt the vehicle from the new requirements.

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