Motor car insurance centre says car crime declining

One motor car insurance repair centre, based in Berkshire, has recently announced that motor vehicle manufacturers may be turning the tide in the war against car crime.

According to recently released statistical data from Thatcham, a discount car insurance repair centre based in Berkshire,  only 107,000 cars were stolen last year in the UK.  The lion’s share of these stolen vehicles were four years old or older, according to information gathered from car insurance companies and law enforcement sources.

2010 figures compare favorably with the total reported number of car thefts in 2009, which stood at 119,000.  Moreover, 2008 figures indicate that there were 143,000 car thefts that year, indicating that car theft activity has declined measurably from its 600,000 figure from two decades ago.

Thatcham research director, Andrew Miller, commented that the car crime crackdown is due to law enforcement personnel and car insurance groups.  The ball is now in the court of the motorists, Mr Miller said, making it their responsibility to take steps to reduce the number of vehicle thefts.

This theft reduction could be attributed to any number of security system improvements made over the years, added Mr Miller.  With the advent of tracking devices, toughened glass, immobilisers, and better locks and alarms, many would-be car thieves have had a much tougher time of it trying to keep up with technological breakthroughs.

The new, reduced theft figures were brought to light at the same time that the British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards for 2011 were announced to the general public.  The top three car manufacturers were Volvo UK, Audi UK, and Volkswagen UK in regards to the fewest number of cars stolen.

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