Majority of Brits unsure of cover whilst driving abroad

Recently conducted research from one car insurance comparison site found that the lion’s share of Brits have no idea if their motor car insurance covers accidents that happen whilst driving abroad.

Online car insurance site, which conducted the research study, urged motorists to ensure their existing discount car insurance policies will provide proper cover for their cars while motoring overseas.  The study findings demonstrated that one out of every three motorists in the UK are labouring under the sometimes mistaken believe that their UK cover, which may be fully comprehensive at home, will carry over to the rest of the Euro zone.

The price comparison site revealed however that there are many different car insurance companies in the UK that will downgrade their cover to the bare bones minimum required by law to drive about in their holiday destinations. Moneysupermarket’s expert on car insurance, Peter Harrison, remarked that Brits that are considering driving to their holiday spots on the Continent should not just assume that their existing cover will still be valid in such occasion.

Stating that there’s not one UK driver that wants their perfect motoring getaway to end up costing an arm and a leg due to expensive, nightmarish situations, Mr Harrison urged motorists to educate themselves on the particulars of their insurance cover.

In related news, the comparison site recently came forward with several different tips to newly qualified drivers that could be finding it a struggle to find an affordable insurance policy.

In a bid to reduce premium costs to young males, who typically have some of the highest costs to such cover, were told to add a named driver to their current policy.

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