Cheap car insurance database reveals worst postcodes

One Government discount car insurance database recently revealed the worst five postcode areas in the UK in regards to uninsured drivers – revealing Birmingham postcodes to be three of the five.

Released by the Motor Insurance Database in preparation for the government’s new clampdown on motorists driving without proper motor car insurance, the official figures indicated that Saltley (B8), Handsworth (B21), and Small Heath (B10) were all listed among the worst areas for the illegal behaviour across the UK.

The two top highest postcodes were both West Gorton,  in Manchester and Barkerend, in Bradford.  Regionally, metropolitan London came in with the highest concentration of worst offenders, followed by Merseyside, Greater Manchester, the West Midlands, and West Yorkshire, and despite coming in as fourth worst regionally, the West Midlands makes up five of the ten postcodes listed as most problematic by the report.

However, new changes to the law mean that it is a legal requirement for every car, motorbike, van, truck, or motorhome owner in the UK to have proper insurance at all times unless making an official declaration of the vehicle’s off road status.  In order to identify any vehicles without insurance, the Motor Insurance Database will compare their records of car insurance companies against the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, with those being caught out in danger of facing a range of penalties from as little as £100 to as much as £1,000 and the seizure and destruction of their vehicle for repeat offenders.

The first round of warning letters sent out to motorists will begin from 20 June of this year, in the hopes that the owners of some of the 1.4 million uninsured vehicles that currently reside in the country will decide to come clean and get their cars the proper cover.

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