LV expands motor car insurance office in Ipswich

One provider of discount car insurance has recently announced it will be expanding its offices in Ipswich to increase its ability to handle insurance claims.

Motor car insurance company LV already has around 130 staff in Ipswich.  It has stated that its claims division is undergoing an expansion, which will result in the recruitment of more than 50 new positions in the company.

The firm announced that the lion’s share of the new positions being made available will be for handling motor insurance claims that involve personal injuries.  LV also said that, as the Ipsich operation is primarily an office for handling claims, the staff that will be based there regularly deal with doctors, car hire companies, lawyers, brokers, and customers, all whenever they have direct or indirect interest in a claim.

Claiming to be one of the biggest car insurance companies in the UK, LV remarked that, throughout the course of 2011,  there is a high likelihood of further roles being made available in the Ipswich area.

LV general insurance operations director, Peter Horton, commented that the firm is undergoing a significant period of growth at the moment, which would make joining the company at the present time a very exciting prospect for any new staff that are taken on during the expansion.  Unlike many of the other financial companies located in the Ipswich area, LV is actually expanding instead of making cut-backs, added Mr Horton.

The general insurance operations director remarked that this means not only is it an excellent opportunity to join the insurer as a member of their team, but additionally that the career prospects of any who do join up are quite good.

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