Finding discount car insurance for young drivers is daunting

While one of the most significant milestones in a young person’s life is learning how to drive, with the costs of securing motor car insurance rising by record rates, many feel that finding discount car insurance for young drivers is becoming quite the daunting task.

Car insurance companies aren’t the only firms giving new drivers short shrift, experts from the Driving Standards Agency recently suggested.  The likelihood of anyone besides an approved motoring instructor having the experience and knowledge necessary to instruct learner drivers correctly is low, said the DSA.

Recently conducted research by the agency revealed that it takes an average of 47 professional lessons to pass a driving test.  An additional requirement also seems to be practicing privately for at least 20 hours with a more experienced driver who has held their own licence for a minimum of three years and is 21 years of age or older.

One UK driving lesson costs around £24 on average, according to the AA.  The prospect of taking 47 lessons can be daunting to those younger Brits who cannot afford it, especially as the younger generation is experiencing not only a pressurised job market but also increases into educational fees as well.

Despite the data, there is no current ruling that dictates that professional lessons are compulsory.  Provisional Marmalade, one insurer that specialises in learner drivers, carried out research in which it found that younger learner drivers tended to disregard the DSA’s advice.  However, the research also discovered that the average learner motorist attempted to save money by practising with a member of their family instead of a professional driving instructor.

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