Online comparison site adds motor car insurance

One online comparison site has recently announced it will be adding motor car insurance their range of offerings.

Now a source of online car insurance, specialist site made the announcement as car insurance rates have been increasing in record numbers.  Rates are rising at some of the fastest paces ever, according to the AA, and motorists have been already seriously affected by rising petrol prices as well – making the price of owning a car in the UK quite dear indeed.

A fully comprehensive policy now stands at nearly £900, according to car insurance companies‘ average rates.  Fire, theft, and third party cover has also risen to more than £1,500 as well.

This may seem backwards to some motorists, but the fact of the matter is that higher-risk drivers more commonly purchase the latter policy.  Comprehensive premiums would be even greater if these higher-risk motorists were to purchase comprehensive cover.

The rocketing costs of even discount car insurance in the country has been blamed upon out of control fraudulent insurance claims.  Personal injury and whiplash claims have been rising steadily, despite the actual number of crashes being in the decline.

The rising insurance costs made national headlines during the early weeks of 2011 when one man, seeking to just insure his Vauxhall Corsa with third party cover, could find no lower quote than £5,700.  The quote set a startling precedent for insurance policies to begin costing more than what the car it’s covering is actually worth, though the extreme cost of the man’s quote was partly do to his hometown and age.

In related news, some industry groups have been pointing the finger at insurers for charging such exorbitant rates whilst taking referral fee kickbacks from claims management companies and personal injury lawyers.

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