Cheap car insurance provider reveals startling survey results

One provider of discount car insurance in the UK recently revealed the results of research study that indicates that more than 1.2 million motorists admitted to driving whilst under the influence of illegal drugs over the past 12 months.

Motor car insurance company, Direct Line, additionally found that 2.8 million motorists admit to have not only done so recently but have done so previously as well, which represents an incredible danger for pedestrians, passengers, and other motorists.

The direct car insurance provider’s survey also highlighted how those who drive under the influence have an inaccurate perception of their driving abilities regardless of whether they were feeling the effects or not.  At 36 per cent, over one third of those who drive whilst influenced by narcotics stated that their driving ability was either quite safe or very safe – only one out of five admitted that driving under the influence made them a danger to others on the road.

At eight per cent, nearly one out of every ten remarked that they drove in such an impaired state because they doubted they would get caught.  Other reasons for driving under the influence included not being able to afford or find a taxi, at six per cent; impairment to the decision making process due to the drugs, at seven per cent; and a dearth of reliable public transport  at four per cent.

The survey found that those who impair their judgment through drugs have the inability to control how fast they’re going.  Six per cent of them freely exceed the speed limit, while an additional six per cent  were known to become involved in collisions with not only other vehicles, but inanimate objects such as walls.

Direct Line Motor Underwriting Director, Andy Goldby, remarked that drug driving is just as an irresponsible choice to make as drink driving is.  However as thousands have admitted to having been in an accident whilst under the influence, the dangers of drug drivers on the nation’s roadways have become increasingly clear.

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