Car insurance comparison site reveals UK’s unluckiest car

One car insurance comparison website recently released the findings of a research study that revealed the identity of the most unlucky car in the UK.

Online car insurance comparison site is known for its research projects.  A few weeks ago, the discount car insurance comparison website reported on the most popular ‘hairdresser’s cars’ in the UK, and now they’ve done it again – revealing that the Honda FR-V is the unluckiest car in the UK.

The FR-V, marketed in Japan and Europe between the years of 2004 and 2009, is a compact 6-seater minivan with one of the worst car accident records in the UK, according to the motor car insurance website.  Gareth Kloet, car insurance head for, remarked that the data collected regarding the FR-V showed that this model was more accident-prone than many others.

Road traffic accidents are almost never the results of a mechanical failure, added Mr Kloet.  Instead he said that accidents are usually caused by plain bad luck or human error, and the data could indicate either an increased recklessness or carelessness on the part of drivers of this model, or simply that FR-V owners are just naturally less lucky than not.

The website study indicated that out of the 2,529 FR-V owners that were involved in its research, 466 of them made an accident claim in the period of time examined in the study.  This equals an 18.4 per cent claim rate, which represents nearly one out of every five owners of the model.  What several car insurance experts have suggested is that people who have little interest in motoring well are purchasing the cheap and affordable minivan.

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