Over half of UK motorists forget where they’ve parked

According to one survey from an online car insurance comparison site, 56 per cent of motorists in the UK have at one time or another forgotten where they parked their car.

Car insurance comparison website, Confused.com, released the findings of their research study into motorist behaviour recently.  The discount car insurance comparison site additionally found that 3 per cent of motorists have dialed their breakdown service to aid them in locating their lost cars.

The new survey recently unveiled the sorts of gaffes UK motorists have been committing that have ended up prompting them to phone their breakdown service providers.  The survey found that one out of every four motorists have locked their keys inside their car, and that one out of every ten has had to put out the call to their breakdown service to get themselves sorted.

10 per cent of British drivers reported that they had put the wrong fuel in their cars.  This has led fully half of them to call for help from their breakdown service to rectify matters, while others still have admitted to calling upon their breakdown service not just when they suffer a mechanical failure but when their sat nav ceases to work properly (2 per cent), they lose their car (3.5 per cent), or when they get lost themselves (also 3.5 per cent).

Needing help in topping up engine coolant or oil is an additional reason why 13 per cent of survey respondents have called their breakdown service. Additionally 21 per cent admitted to calling for help in order to learn the best way to change a flat tyre.

According to the survey, approximately one out of every four motorists do not have breakdown cover currently.

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