The wrong discount car insurance can be costly on holiday

Travel experts have recently cautioned British holiday-makers on the dangers of choosing the wrong discount car insurance if they choose to take their cars to the Continent for a low-cost summer excursion.

More than two million Brits could see their penny-pinching turn sour during their summer holidays according to research from a leading car insurance comparison website.   One out of every three Brits currently operate under the mistaken belief that their motor car insurance’s comprehensive cover extends whilst they’re abroad, the survey found, while the fact of the matter is that the lion’s share of insurers only offer third party cover outside the UK.

Comparison site car insurance expert, Peter Harrison, warned that several policies will automatically downgrade themselves as soon as you set tyres on the Continent.  Motorists therefore need to carefully examine their policy’s small print before making any holiday plans that require motoring about the rest of the Euro zone.

There are several insurers that do offer motorists a comparable level of cover in the UK as well as abroad, however.  Such car insurance companies as Endsleigh, the AA, and Marks & Spencer will all offer 90 day extensions for their customers traveling through Europe, but larger insurers such as Direct Line and Churchill only offer motorists the minimum required by whatever country they are currently driving within.

Some insurers, such as the RAC, only offer third party cover to its customers.  However this is the typical ‘minimum’ level of legal insurance set by EU countries, as the majority – which includes Belgium, Germany, and France – set their minimum legal requirements as third party cover.

Damaging your car with only third party insurance could leave you with a bill in the thousands of pounds for repair work.  Mr Harrison commented that if your current insurance cover does not downgrade automatically, it could be beneficial to check whether your insurer will permit you to add on or upgrade to Continental insurance as an extra.

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