Cut the cost of driving through discount car insurance

Many motor car insurance policy holders have begun to look at how they can reduce the cost of driving as fuel prices continue to rise throughout the the UK.

According to discount car insurance provider Admiral, 50 per cent of motorists in the UK have begun to drive less because of the rocketing petrol prices.  92 per cent of respondents to the Admiral survey remarked that they felt ripped off whilst at the petrol pumps.

Moreover a worrying 17 per cent of direct car insurance survey respondents indicated that since they can’t afford the cost pf repairs, they’ve ignored a fault with their motor vehicle.  An 8 per cent of the country also ignored tyre problems because the cost of buying replacement tyres is prohibitively high.

The Admiral survey, which put 2,500 motorists to the question, also discovered that ancillary expenses are have overwhelmed driers.  A full 54 per cent admitted to cutting back on or stopping the servicing oft heir own cars because the cost was too expensive.

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn,  remarked that it cost about £1.36 per litre of petrol on average, whilst diesel was slightly higher at £1.41.  High fuel costs have come to effect how much time motorists spend behind the wheel, as just over half of all survey respondents indicated they have not been driving as much as they used to.

While it may be tempting for some drivers to reduce the amount of maintenance done upon their cars (and thus save some cash), industry experts remind people that scrimping on such things as regular services or replacement tyres can end up turning around to be a thorn in your side down the road.

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