Cheap car insurance for young drivers becoming scarce

As newer drivers are now paying an average of £6,000 for motor car insurance (with the 17 to 22 year old demographic paying around £3,700), discount car insurance for young drivers is becoming more and more scarce in the UK, says one survey.

Some younger motorists have decided to give car insurance companies a pass and drive whilst uninsured to get around the expense.  This dangerous and illegal choice is set to diminish from 20 June of this year due to the new continuous insurance enforcement laws going into effect.

Other young drivers have tried to get around the dilemma by having their parents ‘front’ on their insurance policies, which is when their parents name them as a second driver on their own policies.  However, the car insurance industry has been working on eliminating this fraudulent behaviour by working hand in hand with the Insurance Fraud Bureau to identify these instances and invalidate the offenders’ insurance cover.

One other approach being used is the withholding of past claims.  In a bid to stop this practice, insurance companies have begun to utilise the IFB database directly, and the Government has also given the go-ahead to DVLA checks to see whether a driving licence has points, provided the driver consents to the check.

Another tactic that has seen use is to take out car insurance for third parties only, but this can be an inadvisable move as there is no personal injury cover – and comprehensive cover can usually be found for less.

Insurance experts recommend that those trying to save money on insurance costs should select a car that is just naturally less expensive to insure.  Official statistics state that the ten cars least expensive to insure currently are the Skoda Fabia, Nissan Micra, Fiat Grande Punto, VW Fox, Chevrolet Matiz, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 107, and the Citroen C1.

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