Car insurance rates, road conditions concern motorists

Along with soaring fuel costs, both rising car insurance rates and the poor condition of roads in the UK have been found to be some of key concerns for motorists from the North, one survey recently discovered.

The survey discovered that motor car insurance customers in the region are the least happy, as the study found that more than 50 per cent of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the state of disrepair there local roads were in.  Meanwhile more than 80 per cent of those questioned stated that their premiums on even discount car insurance policies were unsatisfactory, and more than nine out of ten stated that the soaring petrol prices were driving them mad.

The survey, an index of driver satisfaction commissioned by one online car insurance comparison site, also discovered that 78 per cent of motorists in the region expressed the feeling that the Government not only didn’t have their best interests at heart but actively opposed them.  The survey aimed to provide an accurate snapshot of motorist contentment throughout the UK.

Phill Jones, commercial director for the website, stated that a motor car is one of the most necessary pieces of property for consumers.  People are relying on their vehicles more than ever to get from point A to point B, added Mr Jones.

This is something that is only facilitated by a car that is affordable to run in a realistic manner, remarked the commercial director.  The Government is ultimately damaging a key part of the economy that is crucial to future growth by reducing investment and increasing taxes, Mr Jones commented.

81 per cent of consumers across the UK stated that they were extremely dissatisfied with the current costs associated with motoring.

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