Car insurance rates too high? Drive a vintage tractor

As discount car insurance for young drivers is about as rare as common sense in your local MP, one teenager had to turn to a vintage tractor as his primary mode of transport after the cheapest car insurance quote he could get for his £400 P-reg VW Polo was an eye-watering £17,800 a year.

After one 18 year old driver from Bolton was not able to find an affordable car insurance rate for his car, he managed to insure his family’s tractor, a 1953 Fordson Major, for the much more affordable price of just £57 for the entire year.

With a top speed of just 40 mph, the four-litre tractor, affectionately nicknamed “the Beast,” is exempt from MoTs.  Chris Berry, the teenage driver of the vehicle, remarked that if he had the choice he’d be driving his car, since – unlike the tractor – it’s much better in the rain and gets much more efficient mileage.

The Astley Bridge teenager stated that it may seem a bit daft to drive about on a tractor, especially for those who are more image conscious.  The Fordson Major has been in the young man’s family for around a decade and a half, he remarked, and with typical good humour Chris added that he actually enjoys the fact that he drives a tractor about town, as not many can say that their vehicle of choice is a re-purposed bit of farming equipment.

According to industry statistics, it costs an average of £8,260 to insure a new young male motorist in the UK.  David Crausby, MP for Bolton, cautioned that the excessive rates quoted to young drivers by car insurance companies could lead to motorists neglecting to take cover at all because of the prohibitive cost.

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