Software firm makes car insurance companies more effective

One software firm is looking to make car insurance companies more effective whilst dealing with motor car insurance claims pertaining to car crashes.

Car crashes are unpleasant experiences for motorists and providers of discount car insurance alike.  Even if no one is injured in a road traffic accident, everyone involved in the incident is shaken, and taking care of the repair work that needs to be done can lead to considerable amounts of anxiety.

Having car cover is supposed to make things easier for everyone involved in a crash.  However sometimes it only seems to make matters worse, as phoning a call centre can be a tedious and interminably long process.

Many motorists become frustrated at the seeming lack of administrative ability on the part of insurers when it comes to processing claims.  However this is where software company Innovation Group seeks to change the name of the game by working with insurers globally to make the claims process go more smoothly and efficiently.

Innovation uses technological advances to increase the effectiveness of call centres and to make sure that damaged vehicle are collected promptly and repaired swiftly.  The firm works with a network of garages that are equipped with the latest in software systems, providing Innovation with the information it needs to provide a quick repair and car hire turnaround whenever a claim is made.

The entire process takes place nearly completely online.  Innovation can monitor the progress of each job, enabling insurers to handle customers’ queries both efficiently and quickly.  Insurers reap the added benefit of cheaper operating costs by outsourcing to Innovation, and customer service surveys reveal that satisfaction levels are significantly higher when Innovation is involved.

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