UK a nation of car lovers – in more than just one sense

According to a recent study conducted by a car insurance comparison site, the UK is indeed a nation of car lovers – but not in the traditional sense.

In order to perhaps satisfy their prurient interests regarding what kind of naughtiness Brits get up to whilst on the road, one online car insurance comparison firm decided to research the love making habits of Brits.  The study found that a substantial percentage of women (and an even larger number of men) have admitted to having sex in their cars.

Cheap car insurance comparison site polled around 2,000 car owners in order to discover motorists’ proclivities.  30 per cent of female respondents reported to having sex inside their cars, while 50 per cent of men had done so as well.

Love making is not the only activity Brits are engaging in whilst behind the wheel, however.  While the statistics revealed large proportions of motorists having sex in cars, starting arguments with one another proved even more popular: 63 per cent of women admitted to arguing like mad, while 60 per cent of male respondents also indicated that they did so as well.

In light of the statistical results from the 2,000 respondent survey, remarked that Brits are passionate behind the wheel – either through heated arguments or the generation of a different kind of heat altogether.  Bringing new meaning to the whole idea of ‘car lovers,’ the study’s authors said that while insurers don’t currently ask people that apply for cover about their frisky activities whilst behind the wheel, perhaps they should begin to do so based upon the large proportion of people that seem to be doing so.

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