Mini One revealed to be most popular UK ‘hairdresser’s car’

One company that specialises in cheap car insurance for women recently revealed that the Mini One is the UK’s most popular so-called ‘hairdresser’s car.’

Motor car insurance provider Diamond conducted the research study to find the favourite mode of transport for the sporty little vehicles often characterised by their popularity with the nation’s design-conscious hair stylists.  Determined to discover what hairdressers actually did drive, the insurer conducted a poll of more than 18,000 hairdressers in the UK to discover the Mini One rose to the top.

The discount car insurance company found that hairdressers were three and a half times more likely to drive a Mini One than those not in the hair stylist industry.  Both the Volkswagen Beetle and the Vauxhall Tigra were also found to be extremely popular, as hairdressers were three times as likely to drive one of the vehicles in comparison to the general UK motoring public, while the Mini Cooper and the Ford Ka rounded out the top five.

Elwyn Gedrych, managing director for Diamond, commented on the findings by saying that he was not surprised that the modern, stylish, and great-looking Mini One proved to be so popular amongst hairdressers.  The managing director added that as the top five had two Mini models, the Mini One’s status as the ultimate ‘hairdresser’s car’ seemed to be undisputed.

Other research findings published by Diamond indicated that hairdressers seem more likely to pull the top down on their convertible cars than the regular motoring public.  Hairdressers were found to be one-third more likely to drive a convertible than non-hairdressers, comfortable showing their freshly coiffured locks to passersby.

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