Secure motor car insurance – even if off the road

Motorists who fail to secure motor car insurance for all of their vehicles – even the ones that are off the road – are now breaking the law, which could land them in hot water through fines or even the destruction of their vehicle.

Thanks to the new Continuous Insurance Scheme, a law that just recently went into force, any car owned must have at least discount car insurance unless it has been explicitly declared off-road.  However the Coalition has declared it will be issuing an amnesty in order to provide motorists ample time to speak to their car insurance companies and secure the needed cover, as the new law will most likely not begin to be enforced until 20 June.

Unless specifically declaring a car as being taken off the road by filing out a Statutory Off Road Notification Form, a vehicle found without insurance could result in a £100 fine for its registered owner.  If the owner further refuses to comply with the new law, the car could either be clamped, be seized, or even be destroyed in the case of a repeat offender.

These new rules were put in place as the Government continues to actively work to reduce how many cars in the UK go without proper insurance.  By making insurance on all active vehicles compulsory, the Government will be able to clamp down on the approximately 1.4 million uninsured vehicles in the UK but will also be able to match insured vehicles to drivers.

The law has applied across the board to every vehicle in the UK.  This means motorhomes, caravans, classic cars, or any other vehicle thats the majority of their time unused and parked in driveways could end up generating a fine for their registered owners.

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