Modify your car and lose your discount car insurance

One car insurance comparison site recently warned that updating your car with certain accessories such as alloy wheels or a car phone could result in the loss of your discount car insurance policy.

The motor car insurance comparison website recently conducted research that revealed making modifications to a car can result in a dramatic hike in car insurance rates.  The research found that insurance premiums rose by 44 per cent on average when a car phone was added to a vehicle.

Other modifications could cost you even more money in the long run, the research also discovered.  Fitting your car with a complete body kit could result in premium hikes of as much as 101 per cent, while making an upgrade to alloy wheels could cost as much as 62 per cent more when it comes time to pay your yearly premium.

One insurance expert recently commented on the research findings by stating that drivers need to be made aware that making even the smallest of modifications to a vehicle can have a dramatic effect on premium costs.  With the potential of premiums rising by more than 100 per cent, drivers need to consider if the modification is truly worth the extra cost of the insurance – in addition to paying to have the modifications done to their car, the expert added.

In even worse news, if motorists choose to make any significant modifications to their car and then neglect to inform their insurer, they could risk invalidating their cover completely.  This makes it essential for drivers to ensure they know exactly what sorts of eventualities their car insurance covers them for, as it is common for several of the more common modifications – such as alloy wheels – to not be listed under a standard insurance policy.

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