Avoid holiday nightmares: ensure cover applies abroad

Motor car insurance experts have recently cautioned those with plans on taking their cars abroad to ensure their cover is valid in order to avoid any holiday nightmares.

With motoring costs in the UK rising, many drivers have switched to discount car insurance as an alternative.  However if that new cheap policy doesn’t cover any damage sustained by your car whilst on the road on the continent, you could end up with a wrecked car in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country.

One such incident occurred to Mr and Mrs John and June Jones on holiday in Norway whilst they were driving to attend their grandson’s christening.

Mr and Mrs Jones, who live in Northwood, Middlesex, got themselves into an accident when their car went off the road and collided with a signpost.  The Joneses had thought themselves covered as they had two separate insurance policies – breakdown recovery and European motor insurance – but turned out not to be the case.

The Joneses contacted both car insurance companies in order to seek assistance but were greeted with little to nothing.  Britannia Rescue, their breakdown company, would not help because their policy would only provide cover for mechanical breakdowns and not accidents.   Even after contacting Saga, their other insurer, and submitting their details, they received no help for two hours.

Finally, the elderly couple contacted Saga again, but no record could be found of the original incident.  Moreover they were told that there would be no recovery of their car until the next day.

79 year old John and 75 year old June were shocked by the news, as the nearest town to the accident site was 10 miles away. Neither could they abandon their vehicle at the site of the accident as the car’s locking system was inoperative and they were uncomfortable with leaving their possessions inside.

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