IAM: provide discount car insurance for young drivers

One UK motoring organisation has recently stated that car insurance companies should be doing more in order to provide discount car insurance for young drivers who have recently passed their driving tests.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists stated that young policyholders – who often pay exorbitant car insurance rates because they are considered high-risk – need more help in managing both costs and safety issues when they get behind the wheel.  Simon Best, chief executive for IAM, stated that the motoring organisation wished to praise a government decision to incorporate a focus on keeping younger drivers safer as part and parcel of its decade-long road safety strategy.

However the IAM also believes that there is much more to be done in order to ease young drivers onto the country’s network of roadways.  The motoring organisation suggested many possible schemes such as providing young drivers the option to continue to receive training from qualified driving instructors for at least a year after obtaining their licence in an effort to reduce the overall risk profile of the young motorist demographic.

The IAM also encouraged several other off-road practices.  It stated that practice on dealing with motoring conditions, such as driving on wet surfaces and speeding into corners, could educate young motorists and keep them safe whilst on the road.

In a recent statement, Mr Best remarked that the first 12 months spent as a driver is important because it helps build up the motoring experience necessary to manage and reduce the risk of getting into a potentially deadly road traffic accident.

In related news, the Association of British Insurers recently discovered that one out of every four road accidents in the UK that occur on a yearly basis are due to rear-end bumps.

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