Car insurance companies release new accident data figures

Car insurance companies in the UK have recently released new research findings that indicate one quarter of all road accidents are from rear-end collisions.

The study, headed by discount car insurance provider Admiral, found that more than 400,000 rear-end accidents occur in the UK every year.  The motor car insurance company examined data from more than 200,000 of its 2010 accident claims and discovered that 27 per cent occurred when one vehicle collided with another from behind – a 9 per cent increase from the previous year’s figures.

Many rear-end bumps result in the occupants of the car being diagnosed with whiplash injuries.  As these injuries account for three fourths of all road traffic accident injury claims, insurers end up making whiplash payouts of £1.9 billion on a yearly basis.

Sue Longthorn, managing director for Admiral, stated that rear-end collisions are much too common an occurrence on UK roadways.  Laying the blame on poor motoring habits, Ms Longthorn commenetd that driving aggressively after becoming frustrated by slow-moving traffic can increase the possibility of bumping into the car ahead of you during congested traffic.

The managing director also stated that many drivers refuse to leave enough space between themselves and the vehicle in front of them on faster roads, as well.  This results in possibly smashing right into the back of the leading car if it needs to brake suddenly, she added.

Evidence exists that could explain the sudden rise in rear-end shunts.  The number of so-called ‘crash for cash’ incidents has been on the rise recently, as approximately 30,000 such collisions are staged every year.  The costs for each of these claims average out to about £17,000, official figures say.

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