Ways to cut your car insurance rates, by the experts

Motor car insurance experts have recently stated that as gas prices continue to rise, more and more motorists are looking for ways to get discount car insurance.

One of the best ways to control costs is by managing your car insurance rates in order to ensure they are the best value for your money, experts say.  While it is compulsory for all drivers to carry insurance cover, many motorists will just pick an insurance company after purchasing a car and neglect to examine the policy for several  years in a row.

Experts say this could end up costing thousands of pounds over the lifetime of your car as better insurance deals pass by year after year.  These same experts say that there are several different things to consider when trying to save money on your car insurance.

One of the most important things you can do is check other firms’ car insurance rates annually.  Doing this check every year will ensure you’re getting the best and most fair deal. The car insurance comparison websites that have erupted across the UK can help you find the best deal both quickly and easily.

Experts also say you should pick an insurer that’s top-rated in customer service.  This will make your life easier if it ever comes time to make a claim, make a payment, or deal with problems not related to any accident claims.

Experts also recommend choosing the right excess.  A higher excess may indeed end up with your premium being smaller, but you may end up paying more out of pocket than you would have with a lower excess.  If your driving record is clean and you’ve not gotten into any accidents, you can take the hither-priced premium but it’s a gamble.

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