Cheap car insurance provider publishes safety study

One specialist in providing discount car insurance for women in the UK recently published a new street safety study that found 64 per cent of Brits don’t stop and look before crossing the road.

Motor car insurance provider Sheilas’ Wheels commissioned the study to determine how safety-conscious UK pedestrians truly are.  The results are in – and more than a little disconcerting.

The study found that the old adage of ‘stop, look, and listen’ just doesn’t seem to apply as it used to.  49 per cent of research study respondents stated they neglected to listen before crossing the road, while 46 per cent didn’t bother to stop.

Even more troubling was the discovery that 23 per cent of respondents admitted to not looking both ways before stepping out into traffic.  The danger of this activity was compounded by the startling discovery that 71 per cent of respondents stated they didn’t realise that traffic comes from the right in the UK – something that could lead to unfortunate accidents resulting loss of work, time spent in hospital, and an increase to car insurance rates for any drivers involved in collisions.

One out of every four respondents stated that they had a near miss whilst crossing the road.  Nine per cent of Brits have come into some sort of contact with a car, while eight per cent ended up colliding with a bicycle rider.  These figures were higher in major cities throughout the UK, with London having the highest collision rate at 16 per cent.

Shielas’ Wheels spokesperson Jacky Brown commented on the new findings, stating that she was shocked to see pedestrians place their lives at risk for the minimal benefit as crossing the road just a bit quicker.  Roads are just as dangerous now as they were back when Brits were taught the Green Cross Code, she added.

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