10% of motorists prepared to take motor car insurance penalty

Published research findings conducted by one car insurance comparison website recently revealed one in ten motorists are prepared to accept a penalty rather then ensure they comply with new motor car insurance regulations.

Designed to clamp down on uninsured motorists, the new Continuous Insurance Enforcement law goes into effect this June and will require motorists to maintain valid insurance on a vehicle unless it has been officially declared to have been taken off road.   New research by an online car insurance comparison site found that more than 50 per cent of drivers will be vigilantly searching for the best deals come June – but 10 per cent would rather be penalised under the new law than take the extra effort.

Under the new law, any registered car or motorbike owner must have valid insurance on their vehicle unless it has registered the vehicle as off road through the new Statutory Off Road Notification scheme.  Failure to do so could result in being penalised with a fine, and repeat offenders could have their car clamped or even seized and destroyed.

The website asked drivers in the UK how the new law would change their insurance habits.  56 per cent stated that it would make them more vigilantly pursue the best deals when it came to discount car insurance, while 27 per cent stated they already engaged in such activities.

However, nearly eight per cent of respondents stated that they would just auto-renew their yearly insurance cover.  More distressingly, a full one tenth stated that they would simply pay the fine if they were caught without the proper cover.

Upon reviewing the results of the survey, one insurance expert stated that £30 is added on to the average motor insurance premium every year as a result of the £500 million in costs associated with uninsured driving.

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