Motorists consider fuel economy to be most important

According to a recent survey conducted by one provider of discount car insurance, those in the market for a new car have put the fuel economy of any prospective purchase as the key factor in their decision-making process.

According to motor car insurance provider Swinton Insurance, at 57 per cent, more than half of all respondents stated that fuel economy was their most important consideration.  The survey, which queried 2,200 motorists in the UK, also discovered that the majority of drivers stated that their decision was precipitated by the steadily rising cost of petrol.

Motorists stated that the cost of fuel was more important than many other factors when choosing a new car – including how cheap or expensive the car insurance rates will be on their new purchase.

Swinton’s insurance development manager, Steve Chelton, issued a reminder to those who are selling a current car they own that this factor is one of the many things that motorists are thinking about when deciding to change their primary mode of transport.  In a recent Marketwire interview, Mr Chelton stated that he was unsurprised to find that the number of people who were in search of cars with higher fuel efficiency has risen lately.

A car with high fuel economy carries other benefits, added the insurance development manager.  As car taxation is based on CO2 emissions, cars with better mileage will be taxed less heavily to the point of possibly eliminating any road tax a motorist would have to pay with a car that burned fuel less efficiently, he said.

The insurance provider provided a guide for consumers looking to find the most fuel efficient cars currently available on the market.  The top contender was the Smart Fortwo CDI, which came in at an impressive 85.6 miles per gallon while only emitting 86 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere per kilometre.

Other strong performers in regards to mileage and emissions were the Audi A3 1.6 TDI at 74.3 miles per gallon with 99 grams per kilometre and the Skodia Fabia Greenline, which has a rating of 83.1 miles per gallon with 89 grams per kilometre.

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