Cheap car insurance in UK becoming scarce, sources say

As recently released figures show that car insurance rates have risen by a factor of 30.8 per cent over the past 12 months, discount car insurance in the UK is becoming harder and harder to find.

This lack of cheaper car insurance can be particularly distressing for motorists in the current economic climate due to the rising cost of fuel, which has already crippled many motorists financially.  Added to that problem is the rocketing premiums set forth by many car insurance companies – which has resulted in many motorists finding it a struggle to keep their vehicles on the road.

For many there’s simply no way to avoid these costs because they have to rely on their cars to commute to and from work.  However, even though they’re gainfully employed, these same people are now finding it harder and harder to earn the amount of money they need to continue to pay the costs of getting on the motorway.  Adding insult to injury, many have had their pay frozen yet still need to find a way to make ends meet even though the standard cost of living has continued to rise.

For those who have experienced their premiums rocketing skyward, insurance experts have recently shared tips on trying to reduce the cost of keeping your car running.  One such idea is to compare car insurance from several different providers to find a cheap alternative.

Experts say that the most effective way of finding cheap car cover is to compare insurance policies from a large selection of insurers.  This is because the cost of the same level of cover can differ from one provider to the next.  Many experts advise using a car insurance comparison website, though consumers are cautioned that not every insurer will be included on these websites.

Another possible way to save money is to adjust the level of your current cover downwards.  While you can’t drive without insurance legally in the UK, there are several different levels of cover that you can choose from, so careful consideration of dropping your current level of cover could make a substantial difference when it comes to paying the bills.

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