Survey finds men disregard sat nav driving directions

One provider of discount car insurance recently announced the results of a survey in which it was revealed that male drivers in the UK were  more likely to disregard the driving directions given by their sat navs.

While it’s an old cliché that men don’t like to pull over and ask for directions, now one car insurance comparison site can provide statistical data to back up the stereotype.  3,000 drivers in the UK were asked whether they ignored the directions given by their navigational systems at least once, and an overwhelming 83 per cent of male motorists responded in the positive.

Before female drivers begin writing to their car insurance companies to demand cheaper premiums for following their sat nav’s directions, the survey also found that women disregard the motoring instructions issued by sat navs.  The survey found that slightly less than 75 per cent of women were also guilty of not following directions at least once.

The insurer that commissioned the survey, Swinton, stated that a large majority of drivers in the UK said they travel with a back up road map due to a lack of complete trust in the accuracy of their sat navs.

The survey made no indications of specificity in regards to the kinds of sat navs that were the worst – or least – offensive.  This has led some industry experts to question the results by stating that some of these motorists may have been using a poor sat nav model to begin with.

Despite the issue, many can freely attest that sat nav technology is far from perfect, despite the advancements made since its introduction to the marketplace.  However this is not seen as justification for becoming cross when the same effort can be put into simply pulling into the closest shop and asking for directions, experts said.

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