10pc of motorists involved in crash with the uninsured

New figures released from one motor car insurance company have recently revealed that about one out of every ten motorists in the UK have had some involvement with an uninsured motorist in a road traffic accident.

Cheap car insurance provider Direct Line recently partnered with Brake, the road safety charity, to reveal that 3.3 million motor vehicle owners have been involved in a car crash wherein the other motorists  had no valid motor insurance.  The figures also revealed that such collisions can have a heavy toll, as 25 per cent of the incidents resulted in injuries to those involved while four percent of such road traffic accidents resulted in fatal injuries to one or more individuals involved.

Direct Line’s director of motor underwriting Andy Goldby commented on the recent statistical analysis, stating that uninsured motorists add about £30 to the price of the average car insurance rate that honest drivers pay every year. Mr Golby added that the devastation caused to the lives of other road users is the real cost of driving whilst uninsured, remarking that uninsured drivers show disregard for the health and safety of others in addition for their disregard for the law in general.

Brake’s campaigns director Julie Townsend also commented on the research study findings.  Ms Townsend stated that she was shocked by the figures revealed by the research, pointing out that it shows people who drive about without the proper insurance cover have a higher likelihood of being involved in a road traffic accident.

In related news, this coming November will be holding its annual Road Safety Week.  The theme of this year’s road safety awareness campaign is to be entitled  “Too young to die.”

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