New survey reveals which providers offer road rage cover

One new survey of major car insurance companies in the UK has revealed the ones that offer cover for the victims of road rage in need of help paying for car repairs, trauma counselling, and medical bills.

The survey, which was conducted by a car insurance comparison website, found that insurers do not take a consistent approach to cover for incidences of road rage.  This has discount car insurance experts in the UK warning consumers to do their research carefully if they don’t want to be out of luck if they ever have to make a claim for an incident in which road rage was involved.

The number of insurers included in the survey were Sheila’s Wheels, More Than, Saga, First Direct, Direct Line, Prudential, Privilege, Churchill, Swiftcover, Budget, LV, Bell, Diamond, Admiral, and Elephant plus many more additional providers.  Each were asked to explain any cover they could provide for policy holders towards physical assault and/or emotional trauma and damage to their vehicle stemming from incidents in which road rage was involved.

The insurers surveyed were also queried regarding what exclusions would be applicable that could negate a claims validity.  The survey results indicated that the majority would provide cover against vandalism through a malicious damage clause, physical assault and emotional trauma are far less widely covered.

Less than half of the car insurance groups approached by the comparison site unequivocally offered across-the-board cover for road rage incidents.  The majority of insurers either flatly refused to cover their policy holders for private medical bills or counselling time or were unclear if they would support such a road rage-related claim.

Generally the exclusions were stringent in that the claimant in a road rage claim could not have been responsible for provoking the incident – something that is clearly a subjective criterion.

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