Hay fever causes accidents, raises car insurance rates

One UK travel shop has recently issued a warning that Brits should not be traveling when suffering from allergies or hay fever this spring lest they have an accident that leads to increased car insurance rates.

Travel shop Halfords reported that around 27 per cent of Brits habitually suffer from hay fever every Spring.  Of this figure, 10 per cent made the admission that they had begun sneezing so badly that they actually had to pull over and stop the car.  Moreover 32 per cent reported taking their eyes off the road in order to search for a tissue.

Additional findings indicated that one out of every four Brits that suffers from hay fever are aware that their allergic reactions can impair their driving abilities. Car insurance companies in the UK have claimed that approximately 2 million road traffic accidents have occurred due to hay fever symptoms, according to their records.

The pollen that causes hay fever can be screened out by an efficient air con system, said Salfords Autocenters.  Drivers should make sure that these systems are serviced on a regular basis in order to prevent an accident that will make it impossible to find discount car insurance, the travel shop added.  Salfords also stated that a quick and easy chck could end up saving quite a bit of misery.

For motorists looking to learn more about the report or read it in its entirety, Halfords directed those interested to check their website for details at Halfords.com.  Halfords also offer tips from experts to drivers who suffer from hay fever as well as their wide selection of travel accessories such as sat navs and other items.

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