Motor car insurance fraudsters convicted

A total of three women and five men from across the UK have recently been convicted for defrauding tens of thousands of pounds in a motor car insurance scam, according to Leicester Crown Court officials.

Four separate collisions in Birmingham and Leicester were determined to to have fraudulent injury and damage claims made against their respective car insurance companies.  Only one of the four collisions was proven to have actually occurred, but the claims made in that collision did not accurately reflect the damages sustained in it, investigators said.

As motor insurance fraud can drive up car insurance rates due to increased costs on the part of insurers, investigations into the incidents were initiated in 2008 when police officials discovered that 37 year old Leicester native Hooman Jaffari was rumoured to be involved in the set up of one of the false collisions.

Officers followed the trail of cluse to discover that Jaffari owned a fraudulent claims firm named Accident Experts Limited. Working alongside an independent investigator that specialised in collisions, the Leicestershire Constabulary soon discovered that damage sustained to the vehicles that had been involved in the four traffic collisions did not match the level of damage detailed in the claims.

A Lancashire-based claims company that was not aware of the fraud being perpetrated was victimised by Jaffari, who acted as an intermediary between the firm and the supposed claimants.  The man fraudulently  made around £36,000 in commissions from the scam.  The total earned by the defendants (which included Jaffari) was almost £50,000.

Thanks to the investigation conducted by the police and the resultant conviction, the group could have earned as much as double that figure, officials stated.  All eight defendants had been arrested and charged with fraud by March of 2010 however.

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