Bank Holiday to be busiest one in years, experts say

Many motoring experts such as car insurance companies have recently predicted that the upcoming May Bank Holiday may be one of the busiest ones in several years in regards to the amount of road traffic in the country.

Estimates of approximately 10 million Brits are expected to check their motor car insurance cover and then get behind the wheel for a planned long weekend and day out in order to capitalise on the extra day off.  However motoring organisations and discount car insurance providers caution that the possibility of road traffic accidents and breakdowns will be on the rise as well.

Motoring conditions are predicted to be exacerbated by the long winter, which has resulted in the formation of many potholes along a significant proportion of roadways in the UK. Motorists with the intention of getting behind the wheel during this coming period of high activity need to be careful when they’re out and about by making a few simple precautions, experts have said.

One car insurance comparison website spokesperson stated that motorists need to ensure that they run some rudimentary basic vehicle checks prior to setting out on any long trips by car.  These checks include checking oil and water levels and determining if their tyres are pressurised properly, added the spokesperson.

An additional precaution recommended to have is to ensure the details of drivers’ car insurance cover policies are to hand, as well as any breakdown membership numbers.   The spokesperson stated that with a bit of luck, motorists this coming Bank Holiday won’t need them, but preparation for the possibility is what’s important.

Other tips shared by the comparison website included: planning your route ahead of time and ensuring to keep an ear out for any travel announcements that could affect your trip; allowing extra time for the journey particularly if you choose to travel at peak times; and ensuring you’re fully kitted out with not only drinks and food for the long haul, but ensure that you have water and oil in case you’re in need of topping off.

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