Renew motor car insurance or get your car clamped

Drivers have been warned by the government that they need to maintain their motor car insurance or risk having their cars clamped – or worse.

Parliament has given new powers to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to not only clamp the cars of those who neglect to take out discount car insurance but also seize or even destroy them outright.  The new ability for the DVLA to both clamp and scrap cars is the next step in the Government’s war against uninsured drivers, as these classes of drivers raise car insurance rates for honest drivers.

The new system, known as continuous insurance enforcement, will be fully implemented by June.  Under the new regulations cars must have proper insurance at all times.  Moreover clamping and seizure can take place anywhere – not just if the car is spotted on the road.

However there is an exception to the new rule.  If the registered owner of the car officially declares that it has been taken off the road permanently and is not being driven, they will be exempt from having to take out cover from one of many car insurance companies in the UK.

Motoring groups have expressed their fears that innocent drivers may be victimised by the new rules.  Those that legitimately neglect to remember to insure their vehicles on time whilst on holiday or are in hospital for an extended stay could end up running afoul of the new regulations.  These motorists could also be slapped with a £100 fine as well.

Mike Penning, road safety minister, answered these claims by stating that motorists will first be given a warning letter before their car is clamped or seized from their own driveway.

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