Survey reveals bizarre motor car insurance policyholders

The peculiar behaviour of motor car insurance policy holders behind the wheel was revealed by a recent survey, indicating that many motorists engage in some of the strangest things whilst driving such as shaving or even reading books.

Banking giant Santander’s discount car insurance division recently undertook a poll to discover the varied nature of motorists’ actions.  The survey found that some drivers may take their eyes off the road for a moment in order to kiss a passenger.  Women were found to occasionally multi-task by applying make-up whilst behind the wheel as well.

The survey questioned 1,000 motorists about their behaviour and found that as much as 11 per cent of male drivers and 5 per cent of their female counterparts have become involved in an accident due to becoming distracted.  Accidents can lead to an increase in car insurance rates down the line for a distracted motorist.

Additionally the survey found that 20 per cent of women and 30 per cent of men reported having a near miss because they were busy consuming soft drinks, eating, or adjusting their car’s stereo.  Other distractions included reading maps or conducting mobile phone calls without a hands-free device.

An overwhelming 96 per cent of respondents admitted that texting and driving was the most dangerous thing you could possibly do behind the wheel.  Despite the response 1 out of every 5 motorists admitted to doing it anyway.

Many motorists admitted to becoming angry whilst observing unsafe behaviour in other motorists.  However three quarters of respondents made the confession that they have undertaken actions that could lead to distractions behind the wheel.

Colin Greenhill, director of Santander Insurance, stated that it was clear that motorists have an understanding that taking their eyes off the road to do something besides driving is inherently dangerous.  Regardless of the relative importance of the other task drivers may want to do, concentrating on the road in front of them should always be front of the line, he added.

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