Car insurance rate hikes prompt innovative approaches

With car insurance rates on the rise both last year and this year, many motorists have begun to turn away from more traditional ways to get discount car insurance and instead try more innovative programmes to keep costs down.

The AA recently revealed that motor car insurance costs rose by an eye-watering 40 per cent in 2010.  Moreover the average annual premium is set to top £1,000 by the end of 2011.

However one car manufacturer has decided to change the game by fixing all the major costs that are associated with running a motor vehicle for a set term.

Peugeot has recently announced it will be offering a new car ownership package called ‘Just Add Fuel’ which allows Peugeot drivers to either lease or buy a car (whichever the customer prefers) and pay a price that includes such costs as servicing, warranty, road tax, breakdown cover, and comprehensive insurance.  The customer simply pays a monthly payment that is fixed for the entirety of the plan’s three year period.  This leaves customers with nothing to pay in addition to fuel.

The result of Peugeot’s new programme has proven to be an exceptionally easy method to running a car as the value of protection against the increase in costs for three years is excellent.

After an initial down payment of just over £1,650, motorists can pick up a Peugeot 207 Access and pay only £157 a month for all fees and maintenance besides petrol.  Meanwhile the new 308 Access requires just an initial ‘deposit’ of £2,000 before being available for monthly payments of The all new 308 Access can be driven away for an initial payment of £2,000 followed by payments of £235.  The Peugeot 3008 is also available through the Just Add Fuel scheme for an initial down payment of £2,000 and a further monthly fee of £379.

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