IAM says that many accidents easily avoided

One motoring organisation recently released the results of an accident study that illustrates how motor car insurance policy holders have no one to blame but themselves for many major types of road traffic accidents.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists made the issue clear to drivers and car insurance companies alike by compiling accident data collected by police from 2005 through 2009. ┬áThe data was analysed and released in IAM’s study entitled ‘Licensed to Skill: Contributory Factors in Accidents.’

The report found that more than 65 per cent of all fatal road traffic accidents occurred due to motorist error such as poor turning or manoeuvreing, losing control, of failing to properly look – all things that providers of discount car insurance have been cautioning their policy holders against for years.

Simon Best, chief executive for IAM, stated that it was obvious from the top three ranked fatality causes that many such crashes could have been prevented if drivers would not only gain more experience but by simply changing their motoring behaviour.

The report also found that injudicious actions such as making an illegal turn or traveling in excess of the speed limit played a role in more than 31 per cent of incidents.

In related news, the IAM has recently made suggestions to motorists to ensure that their vehicles have been properly prepared for the coming summer weather in order to avoid any other possible erroneous activity whilst behind the wheel. ┬áThe Institute cautioned motorists to clean their vehicles of grit salt leftover from the long winter months, as the corrosive nature of the salt can eat away at a car’s undercarriage.

Another suggestion made by the institute was to get the air conditioning system in your car checked out before the hot weather hits and turns the inside of your motor vehicle into an oven-like and highly uncomfortable state.

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