Get your car ready for summer say car insurance companies

Car insurance companies have begun giving advice to motorists to get their cars ready for the rapidly approaching summer.

In addition to firms that offer discount car insurance to their customers, the Institute of Advanced Motorists has also come forward with several new suggestions aimed towards making it as safe as possible for motorists to clamber behind the wheel as warmer climes rapidly approach.

One major and important task for motorists to consider undertaking is giving their cars a good clean prior to summer weather setting in.  This is because detritus left over from winter road conditions can do serious long-term damage to their vehicles that they’ve spent so much time searching for cheaper car insurance for.

The IAM stated that salt used for gritting roads in the winter months is not only corrosive but will cause rust to develop if left upon the bodywork of a car.  They recommend that motorists take their cars to a car wash in order to remove the accumulated salt from the long winter – finding one that specialises in under-car cleaning if possible is preferred.

Getting a maintenance check on the motor’s air conditioning system should also be high on a driver’s checklist.

Doing so will not only provide the interior of the vehicle with a sweeter smell, but it will also aid car insurance policyholders who are sufferers of hayfever.

Meanwhile, TyreSafe chairman Stuart Jackson also commented on proper summer maintenance for families that plan to tow a caravan throughout the summer months.  Mr Jackson stated that families should check to ensure the tyre pressure on both their car and their caravan is set correctly for both safety and to maximise fuel economy.

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